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Sueños en Inglés
dreaminess, dreamy state or quality; surrealistic quality shut-eye, light sleep; sleep, unconscious state entered into by the body for the purpose of rest and rejuvenation (in humans and animals); dream, series of thoughts and visions which occur during sleep; delusion

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Sueños en Esperanto
dormo, songxo; revo

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Sueños en Catalán
somnis, sons

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Sueños en Alemán

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Sueños en Danés

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Sueños en Inglés
dreams dreams

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(n.) = wishful thinking ; dream ; fantasy [phantasy] ; sleep ; vision ; slumber ; shut-eye.
Ex: I suspect that Mr Byrum's personal opinion that AACR2 will force libraries to close their catalogs is partly wishful thinking.
Ex: The computer, once instructed on the desired filing order, is eminently suitable for filing, achieving a level of consistency which was a remote dream in the days of human filers.
Ex: The ALA and some of its members seem to have taken in upon themselves to whip up a frenzy of public relations style fantasy that market reality simply cannot match.
Ex: Sleep is the simplest category to deal with as the person asleep is unconscious and can be said therefore to be inactive.
Ex: It appears, however, that the role of security in this vision has not been fully delineated.
Ex: The clock radio came suddenly to life, rousing Jack from his fitful slumber.
Ex: America is raising a nation of sleep-deprived kids, with only 20 percent getting the recommended nine hours of shut-eye on school nights.
* apnea del sueño = sleep apnoea.
* apnea durante el sueño = sleep apnoea.
* con cara de sueño = bleary-eyed.
* conciliar el sueño = go to + sleep ; get to + sleep.
* con sueño = drowsily.
* ¡dulces sueños! = sweet dreams!.
* el sueño de toda persona = the stuff dreams are made of.
* el sueño de todos = the stuff dreams are made of.
* el sueño de todo ser viviente = the stuff dreams are made of.
* enfermedad del sueño = sleeping sickness.
* falto de sueño = sleep-deprived.
* hablar en sueños = talk in + Posesivo + sleep.
* hacer realidad + Posesivo + sueño = live (out) + Posesivo + dream(s).
* hacer realidad un sueño = realise + Posesivo + dream ; fulfil + a dream ; make + vision + a reality ; realise + vision ; fulfil + vision ; make + Posesivo + dream come true.
* hipopnea del sueño = sleep hypopnoea.
* hipopnea durante el sueño = sleep hypopnoea.
* ¡ni en sueños! = no dice!.
* no poder conciliar el sueño = have + trouble sleeping.
* parálisis del sueño = sleep paralysis.
* perder el sueño por = lose + sleep over/on.
* perseguir + Posesivo + sueños = follow + Posesivo + dreams.
* robarle tiempo al sueño = burn + the candle at both ends.
* seguir + Posesivo + sueños = follow + Posesivo + dreams.
* Sueño Americano, el = American Dream, the.
* sueño de los padres = hand-me-down dream.
* sueño despierto = waking dream.
* sueño escapista = dreamscape.
* sueño + hacerse realidad = dream + come true.
* sueño húmedo = wet dream.
* sueño imposible = pipe dream [pipedream] ; impossible dream.
* sueño profundo = deep slumber ; deep sleep ; sound night's sleep.
* tener sueño = be sleepy ; feel + sleepy.
* un sueño hecho realidad = a dream come true.
* vivir + Posesivo + sueño = live (out) + Posesivo + dream(s).

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