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clothes, garments, apparel
dressed, wearing clothes, wearing garments
dress, one-piece outfit worn by women or girls; toilette; clothing, garment


(n.) = dress ; garment ; frock.
Ex: He frequently asks them to shelve books upstairs on the balcony and then stands there looking up their dresses.
Ex: The garment was identified as the wedding dress of Margaret of Denmark who married James III of Scotland in 1469.
Ex: Our wide array of frocks is an eye popper and is in huge demand among the youth due to their exotic designs.
* mejor vestido = best dress.
* vestido de diseño = designer dress.
* vestido de época = period costume.
* vestido de etiqueta = evening dress ; evening gown ; best dress.
* vestido de fiesta = party frock ; cocktail dress ; party dress.
* vestido de gala = formal dress ; best dress.
* vestido de mujer = frock.
* vestido de noche = evening dress ; evening gown.
* vestido de novia = wedding dress ; wedding gown ; bridal gown ; bridal robe.
* vestido largo de mujer = frock.
* vestido para el baile de graduación = prom dress.
* vestido para la fiesta de graduación = prom dress.
* vestido tubo = sheath ; sheath dress.
= clothed ; clad ; costumed ; fully clothed.
Ex: From the way his left shoulder is tipped forward, from the set of his head and the length of his stride, one gets the feeling that he is a fully clothed sprinter just leaving the starting blocks.
Ex: The stereotype of the governess as exemplified in Jane Eyre -- intelligent, restrained, soberly clad -- was the predecessor of the librarian as an occupation in which the women of the period, the 'guardians of morality' could find genteel employment.
Ex: Flamboyantly costumed groups paraded and danced in the streets.
Ex: We support Mr. Radcliffe's artistic decision -- if he wants to perform fully clothed, we'd never stand in his way.
* bien vestido = well-dressed ; dapper ; smartly dressed.
* completamente vestido = fully clothed.
* ir bien vestido = look + sharp.
* medio vestido = half dressed.
* persona vaga y mal vestida = slob.
* vestido a la antigua = frumpy ; frumpish.
* vestido a la última = fashion statement.
* vestido a la última moda = fashion statement.
* vestido con elegancia = smartly dressed.
* vestido de ceremonia = in full regalia.
* vestido de civil = in plain clothes.
* vestido de etiqueta = formally-dressed.
* vestido de gala = dressed (up) to the nines.
* vestido de paisano = civilian clothes ; in plain clothes.
* vestido de uniforme = in uniform.
* vestido elegantemente = smartly dressed.
(v.) = clothe ; outfit ; dress ; garb ; attire ; robe.
Ex: The performance is kept fresh each time because the teller is under a tension: he has to find the language in which to clothe the body of the work.
Ex: Five-year IFLA Treasurer Derek Law of Scotland, outfitted in a kilt, said he had been boosting Glasgow for his entire term.
Ex: As investigators interviewed the owner of the beauty shop, they noticed an odd resemblance -- Koetter was dressed like the shop owner, with fake hair and clothes.
Ex: These days, the Grim Reaper is usually portrayed as a skeleton or a cadaverous figure, garbed from head to foot in a black habit and hood, and carrying a large scythe.
Ex: We were 'in his humble opinion' improperly attired to dine in such an illustrious establishment.
Ex: They bathed her, robed her in a dress, anointed her with perfumes and decked her with flowers in a manner fit to meet some divinity.
* a medio vestir = half dressed.
* aunque la mona se vista de seda, mona se queda = You can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy.
* Aunque la mona se vista de seda, mona se queda = You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.
* bota de vestir = dress boot.
* botas de vestir = dressing boots.
* confección de prendas de vestir = dressmaking.
* desnudar a un santo para vestir a otro = rob Peter to pay Paul.
* desvestir a un santo para vestir a otro = rob Peter to pay Paul.
* el mismo que viste y calza = the very same.
* industria del vestir = clothing industry.
* norma de vestir = dress code.
* prenda de vestir = garment ; clothing item.
* sin vestir = unclothed.
* vestir bien = look + sharp.
* vestir casualmente = dress + casually.
* vestir cómodamente = dress + comfortably.
* vestir con elegancia = dress + smartly.
* vestir de civil = wear + plain clothes ; dress in + plain clothes.
* vestir de etiqueta = dress to + kill ; dress (up) to + the nines.
* vestir de gala = dress to + kill ; dress (up) to + the nines.
* vestir de luto = dress in + mourning.
* vestir de manera casual = dress + casually.
* vestir de manera cómoda = dress + comfortably.
* vestir de manera informal = dress + informally.
* vestir de paisano = dress in + plain clothes ; wear + plain clothes ; dress as + a civilian.
* vestir de punta en blanco = doll up.
* vestir elegantemente = dress + smartly.
* vestir formalmente = dress + formally.
* vestir informalmente = dress + informally.
* vestirse = get + dressed ; tog out ; tog up.
* vestirse de = dress as ; dress in ; dress up as.
* vestirse de etiqueta = dress up.
* vestirse de punta en blanco = tog out ; tog up.
* vestirse elegantemente = dress up.
* vestirse muy sexi = dress to + kill.
* vestirse para la ocasión = dress + the part.
* vísteme despacio que tengo prisa = more haste, less speed ; haste makes waste.
* zapato de vestir = dress shoe.

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