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burden, weight; pressure; unit of weight or mass; peso, unit of currency used in several Latin American countries (with a different value in each nation)
sit; weigh, scale; press; load; enter


net sinker , weight


(v.) = weigh.
Ex: Letters and parcels would be weighed by library staff and franked to show the correct amount in lieu of sticking on postage stamps.
* pesar más que = outweigh ; outbalance.
(n.) = balance ; weighing scales ; scales.
Ex: Officials are hopeful that all delivery men in the city will be equipped with balances within a month.
Ex: Weighing scales are also sometimes used to measure force rather than mass.
Ex: It indicates the changes and limitations which fill the other pan of the scales and which are frequently only discovered by bitter experience.
* peso de baño = bathroom scales.
(n.) = burden ; load ; weight ; toll ; term weight ; body weight.
Ex: In information retrieval applications it was more usual for one organisation to carry most of the burden of development of the system, and then to market it to others.
Ex: By designing the floors to carry a superimposed live load of 6.5 kN/m2, it is easy to move bookshelves, reader places and other library functions to any part of the building.
Ex: The vocabulary used in conjunction with PRECIS is split in two sections, one part for Entities (or things) and the other for Attributes (properties of things, for example colour, weight; activities of things, for example flow, and properties of activities, for example, slow, turbulent).
Ex: Quite apart from the great toll of unasked questions, any hint of mutual antipathy between enquirer and librarian is fatal to the reference interview.
Ex: Applications of these methods facilitate more effective assignment of term weights to index terms within documents and may assist searchers in the selection of search terms.
Ex: The effect of Christmas time on body weight development was investigated in 46 obese patients .
* aliviar a Alguien del peso de = relieve + Nombre + of the burden of.
* aliviar de un peso a = relieve + the burden (on/from).
* aumento de peso = weight gain.
* campeón de los pesos pesados = heavyweight champion.
* castigar con todo el peso de la ley = punish + to the full extent of the law.
* coger peso = put on + weight ; gain + weight.
* con todo el peso de la ley = to the full extent of the law.
* control del peso = weight control.
* de peso = weighty ; of consequence ; meaty .
* de poco peso = pat ; feeble.
* exceso de peso = overweight.
* falta de peso = underweight.
* ganar peso = put on + weight ; gain + weight.
* gran peso = heavy weight.
* hombre de peso = man of substance.
* hundirse bajo el peso de = collapse under + the weight of.
* hundirse por el peso = bog down.
* hundirse por su propio peso = sink under + its own weight.
* lanzador de peso = shot-putter.
* lanzamiento de peso = shotput.
* ley de pesos y medidas = weights and measures act.
* ligero de peso = lightweight [light-weight].
* llevar el peso = undertake + burden.
* mujer de peso = woman of substance.
* pagarle a Alguien su peso en oro = pay + Nombre + Posesivo + weight in gold.
* perder peso = lose + weight ; shed + weight.
* pérdida de peso = weight loss.
* peso al nacer = birthweight.
* peso atómico = atomic weight.
* peso de la prueba, el = burden of proof, the.
* peso de la responsabilidad, el = burden of responsibility, the.
* peso de nacimiento = birthweight.
* peso específico = weight ; specific gravity.
* peso molecular = molecular weight.
* peso muerto = dead weight.
* peso pesado = heavy weight [heavyweight] ; big wheel ; big shot ; big noise ; big wig ; fat cat.
* por debajo del peso normal = underweight.
* problema de peso = weight problem.
* quitarse un (buen) peso de encima = get + a (real) weight off + Posesivo + chest.
* quitarse un peso de encima = take + a weight off + Posesivo + mind ; take + a load off + Posesivo + mind.
* quitar un peso de encima = remove + burden from shoulders.
* quitar un peso de encima a Alguien = lift + a weight off + Posesivo + shoulders.
* se cae de su peso que = it goes without saying that.
* soportar el peso de Algo = carry + the burden.
* soportar un peso = take + load.
* tener que cargar con el peso de = be burdened with.
* tener que cargar con el peso de la tradición = be burdened with + tradition.
* todo el peso de la ley = full force of the law, the.
* valer + Posesivo + peso en oro = be worth + Posesivo + weight in gold.
* vector de peso específico = weighted vector.

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