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news, information; advice; intelligence
news, report of recent events; item; word

news, novelty, something new


(n.) = news ; news information.
Ex: Next came the good news that war between member states had been rendered inconceivable, even though the prospect of war was on nobody's mind at the time. Ex: The extremely effective way in which these news services rose to the occasion and provided in-depth news information is described. (n.) = announcement ; news ; newswire ; news item ; item of news ; news story ; bit of information.
Ex: Printed current awareness bulletins may be produced from similar facilities to those in above, except that here the announcement will relate only to newly added items.
Ex: Next came the good news that war between member states had been rendered inconceivable, even though the prospect of war was on nobody's mind at the time.
Ex: The number of full text data bases on-line is also increasing, providing instant access to newspapers and newswires, popular magazines and scholarly journals.
Ex: From January 1981, the name will be 'Current Technology Index,' and the coverage will be increased, both in terms of journals indexed and other items included, eg news items.
Ex: This item of news penetrated his heart like a stab = Esta noticia penetró su corazón como una puñalada.
Ex: This a cross-cultural experiment on how well audiences remember news stories from newspaper, computer, television, and radio sources.
Ex: Outside the portacabin there is a board with a few useful bits of information, such as the temperature of the water, visibility, and opening/closing times.
* acaparar las noticias = grab + the headlines ; hit + the headlines.
* agencia de noticias = news office ; news agency ; newspaper agency ; news organisation.
* agencias de noticias = news media.
* agente de noticias web = newsbot.
* boletín de noticias = newsletter.
* buenas noticas, las = good word, the.
* buenas noticias = glad tidings.
* buscar la noticia = grab at + a headline.
* columnista de agencia de noticias = syndicated columnist.
* conocer la noticia = learn + the news.
* dar la noticia = give + the news.
* difundir la noticia = spread + the word ; spread + the good word ; pass on + the good word ; spread + the news.
* difundir noticias = broadcast + news.
* el mundo de las noticias = newsmaking.
* enterarse de la noticia = learn + the news.
* esperamos sus noticias = look forward to + hearing from you.
* foro de noticias = newsgroup [news group].
* impresión de noticias = news-printing.
* indizador de noticias web = newsbot.
* industria de las noticias, la = news industry, the.
* la buena noticia = the good news.
* las malas noticias vuelan = no news is good news.
* llegar noticias = come to + Posesivo + notice.
* mantenerse al día de las noticias = keep up with + the news.
* mantenerse al tanto de las noticias = keep up with + the news.
* no tener noticias de = not hear a pip from.
* no tener noticias es buena señal = no news is good news.
* noticia demoledora = shattering news.
* noticia de periódico = newspaper account.
* noticia de última hora = hot off the press(es).
* noticia devastadora = bombshell.
* noticia pasmosa = shattering news.
* noticia por cable = newswire.
* noticias = news ; news information.
* noticias de actualidad = current events ; current news events ; current news.
* noticias deportivas = sports news ; sports score ; sports results.
* noticias de radio y/o televisión = broadcast news.
* noticias de última hora = breaking news.
* noticias diarias de interés = daily news alerts.
* noticias + difundirse = news + spread.
* noticia sensacional = bombshell.
* noticia sorprendente = bombshell.
* noticias por cable = cable news.
* noticias principales, las = main news, the.
* noticia terrible = shattering news.
* noticia web en formato RSS = RSS feed.
* parecido a las noticias = news-type.
* programa de noticias = news programme.
* publicación de una noticia dos veces = crossposting [cross-posting].
* publicar una noticia en varias listas de correo = cross post [cross-post].
* que no haya noticas es buena señal = no news is good news.
* recibir noticias de = hear from.
* recibir una noticia devastadora = be hit by a bombshell.
* recorte de noticias = news cutting.
* resumen de noticias = roundup [round-up] ; roundup of news ; roundup of news.
* retransmitir noticias = broadcast + news.
* sector de las noticias, el = news sector, the.
* servicio de noticias = news service.
* tablón electrónico de noticias = electronic bulletin board (EEB) ; bulletin board system (BBS).
* tener noticias de = hear from.
* tipo noticias = news-type.
* titular de noticias = news headline.
* titulares de las noticas, los = main news, the.

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