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work; operate; activate, actuate; motivate, cause to act; gesticulate, move the hands or other parts of the body in an animated manner (in place of or accompanying speech)
action; act, deed; proceeding; gesticulation; lawsuit; share, issue or share of stock; movement

shares of stock


(n.) = equities ; stock ; equity shares.
Ex: This article defines financial information by looking at the information needs of 4 major divisions of the financial community: commodities; foreign exchange; capital markets; and securities and equities. Ex: Corporate insiders are defined as officers, directors or major shareholders that own stock in US public corporations. Ex: In case of debenture capital (not convertible into equity shares) of companies, the fees will be charged @ 25% of the fees payable as per the above mentioned scales. (v.) = power.
Ex: The other method was to increase the effective size of the press by using a cylindrical platen, powered either by hand or by steam.
(n.) = action ; action project ; deed.
Ex: Coates believed that in order to conceptualise an action it is necessary to visualise the thing on which the action is being performed.
Ex: Action projects include a computer database of all parochial charities in England and Wales, a survey of all charities, and production of a charity newsheet = Las acciones incluyen una base de datos de todas las obras benéficas religiosas en Inglaterra y Gales, una encuesta de todas las organizaciones benéficas, y la produccion de una hoja informativa sobre las obras de caridad.
Ex: Books were kept for historical records of deeds done by the inhabitants: their worthy acts as well as their sins.
* acción concertada = concerted action project ; concerted action.
* acción de averiguar y resolver problemas = troubleshooting [trouble shooting].
* acción de dar un nombre a Algo = naming.
* acción de ejercer presión = lobbying.
* acción de guardar documentos = save.
* acción de marcar un número = dialling.
* acción de volver a contar algo = retelling.
* acción de volver a tejar = retiling.
* acción directa = direct action project ; direct action.
* acciones legales = legal proceedings.
* acciones positivas = affirmative action.
* acción indirecta = indirect action project.
* acción innegable = estoppel.
* acción legal = legal action.
* acción militar = military action.
* acción policial = police response.
* acción popular = class action suit ; class action.
* acción positiva = positive action.
* acción transitiva = transitive actions.
* ámbito de acción = territory ; sphere of influence.
* amplio radio de acción = broad scope.
* área de acción = remit.
* aventura de acción = action adventure.
* campo de acción = purview ; scope.
* con una sola acción = in one action.
* de acción = action-centered.
* dejar fuera de acción = take out of + action ; leave out of + action ; put + Nombre + out of action.
* dentro del radio de acción = within range.
* Día de Acción de Gracias = Thanksgiving.
* ejecutar una acción = effect + an execution.
* emprender acciones legales = take + legal proceedings.
* entrar en acción = enter + the picture.
* impulsar a la acción = galvanise into + action.
* incitar a Alguien a la acción = stir + Nombre + into action.
* investigación-acción = action research.
* libertad de acción = leeway.
* lleno de acción = actionful [action-full] ; action-packed.
* película de acción = action movie ; action adventure.
* persona de acción = doer.
* poner fuera de acción = take out of + action ; leave out of + action.
* radio de acción = radius of + Posesivo + action.
* realizar una acción = perform + action ; effect + an execution.
* término de acción = action term.
* trazabilidad de las acciones = action tracking.
(n.) = action.
Ex: Americans, convinced that education could be the panacea for all their ills, answered with vigorous action.
* acción compensatoria = anti-dumping action ; countervailing action.
* acción contra el fuego = fire response.
* acción de mejora = improvement action.
* emprender acciones legales = take + legal action.
* emprender una acción = initiate + an action.
* grupo de acción ciudadana = citizen action group ; community action group.
* línea de acción = course of action.
* llevar a cabo una acción = effect + an execution.
* seguir un curso de acción = follow + track.
(n.) = share ; shareholding.
Ex: Shares are generally bought and sold on the stock exchange.
Ex: This article discusses the possibility of joint ventures, with Western companies purchasing a shareholding to give them a say in the running of Soviet organisations.
* acciones = equities ; stock ; equity shares.
* acciones ordinarias = common stock.
* cartera de acciones = portfolio.
* compra de acciones = shareholding.
* cotización de las acciones = share price.
* opción de compra de acciones = stock option.
* precio de las acciones = share price.
* sacar acciones al mercado = go + public.

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